The Sweaty Feminist Reading Group is a monthly online gathering of women academics and professionals who come together to engage in the intellectual and emotional labor that is feminism. We also have a lot of fun. Check out the SFRG Blog for our monthly sweaty subjects and other stuff.

Rules for Sweaty Engagement

Nobody loves rules, but sometimes they are necessary for achieving our purpose (Thank you, Priya Parker, for this insight.)

  1. The SFRG is a brave space to share, learn, argue, laugh, and grow. Be loving and respectful, especially when we disagree. Vulnerability requires trust. Please take your duty to this space seriously.
  2. Your full presence and participation are important. If you aren’t able to prepare the required readings or participate in full, please don’t attend. There is no shame in missing a month because you are busy or just not in the mood. If you say you’re coming, you better be there.
  3. Pausing a good discussion to welcome late arrivals is disruptive. If you aren’t able to arrive on time, please don’t attend. If you aren’t able to stay the full time, please depart quietly (a quick apology in the chat will suffice).
  4. New SFRG members are sponsored by an existing member. At the new member’s first meeting, their sponsor will present a warm and interesting biography (3 minutes or less). Sponsors, be sure to include professional as well as personal highlights.

The Sweaty Format

The SFRG meets monthly, usually on the third Thursday from 6:30-8pm. Discussion Materials will be sent to members and posted on the blog at least 3 weeks in advance. The format for the evening usually goes like this:

  1. Introductions of any new members followed by any news, announcements, or congratulations.
  2. Possibly an amuse-bouche depending on the whim of the host. Be sure to have the evening’s themed cocktail/mocktail close at hand. There will be a toast! (Any member may volunteer to lead the toast.)
  3. Discussion of the evening’s sweaty subject, beginning with member opening remarks or discussion questions.
  4. Wrap-up and review of next month’s plan.

“[Feminist concepts] are sweaty because they are work…”

Sara Ahmed
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